The startup

I’m determined to gracefully quit my job so I can stop working to get paid and start getting paid for doing what I like. My passions right now are languages and web design, so what better way to do it than by launching a startup?

I’m building an application to see how other people learn a foreign language; this provides a significant advantage because the learner can build on top of what others have already found useful. It is done by allowing each user to write down what they find difficult about the language as well as the information that helps them understand it in a personal notebook. All the notebooks are shared, and instead of finding out how to understand a particular difficulty, a user can just see how another person solved the problem. Moving from difficulty to difficulty is the best way to explore the language, improve motivation and guarantee true learning.

I’m on the initial stages of the application and in order to do it properly I would need two partners to help me with the design and the coding (Ruby on Rails). If anybody is interested drop me a line at nachocab at) gmail dot com.


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